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Asandir's interviews with Newgrounds forum users

8/28/11 by Asandir
Updated 4 days ago

_____I_N_T_E_R_V_I_E_W_____A_R_C_H_I_V _E_____

1. Interview with Suprememessage
2. Interview with Confucianism
3. Interview with Sevkat
4. Interview with Jolly
5. Interview with Rummy0
6. Interview with Gimmick
7. Interview with Dosensuppen
8. Interview with SpaceWhale
9. Interview with Natick
10. Interview with BilalZ
11. Interview with ToastedToastyToast
12. Interview with Light
13. Interview with FairSquare
14. Interview with Kanon
15. Interview with Mismo
16. Interview with XenonMonkey
17. Interview with Squidbit
18. Interview with coleknows
19. Interview with Ericho
20. Interview with Asandir
21. Interview with TailsPrower
22. Interview with Luke
23. Interview with EmmDubya
24. Interview with Lintire
25. Interview with Xenomit
26. Interview with Emma
27. Interview with zag
28. Interview with Ragnarokia
29. Interview with Quinny
30. Interview with Bryan
31. Interview with ModernPatriot
32. Interview with TheInterviewer
33. Interview with BobbyBroccoli
34. Interview with MaartenC
35. Interview with FurryFox and TruBluFoxx
36. Interview with Conal
37. Interview with Piggler
38. Interview with Decky
39. Interview with SCTE3
40. Interview with Sectus
41. Interview with Nentindo
42. Interview with Skaren
43. Interview with hitman1993
44. Interview with SpiffyMasta
45. Interview with Spirit
46. Interview with Ama
47. Interview with Mia
48. Interview with RightWingGamer
49. Interview with Shade
50. Interview with TheDark, SubparTony and Wavepad
51. Interview with BizzarroPMP
52. Interview with CrazyRock
53. Interview with Lionelion
54. Interview with Entice
55. Interview with Killerskull
56. Interview with Mumbo
57. Interview with Boomstick
58. Interview with Ilssm
59. Interview with Sensationalism
60. Interview with Jester
61. Interview with Blazejsg
62. Interview with Protagonist
63. Interview with dlxrevolution
64. Interview with ZJ
65. Interview with hecticjon
66. Interview with Klobb17
67. Interview with YenMuffin
68. Interview with The-Great-One
69. Interview with Slint
70. Interview with SneakyGameBoy
71. Interview with Halberd
72. Interview with e-lord
73. Interview with NeutralObjections
74. Interview with SaltshakerClock
75. Interview with Nor
76. Interview with BrazilianNinja
77. Interview with Provoke
78. Interview with Cosmic
79. Interview with Knights
80. Interview with HomicidialFrog
81. Interview with Klik
82. Interview with Oolpah
83. Interview with Cyberdevil
84. Interview with LiquidFire
85. Interview with tox
86. Interview with Otto
87. Interview with BigBadtheBazz
88. Interview with EJR
89. Interview with Viper
90. Interview with SmartyPants
91. Interview with triplenoob
92. Interview with T3XT
93. Interview with sweet21
94. Interview with KatMaestro
95. Interview with kanef
96. Interview with fuzzum111
97. Interview with PsychoZoid
98. Interview with JimmyTheCaterpillar
99. Interview with TheMajormel
100. Interview with gamejunkie
101. Interview with POTaTOS
102. Interview with Phobotech
103. Interview with koopahermit
104. Interview with Archonic
105. Interview with Sense-Offender
106. Interview with Rad
107. Interview with yurgenburgen
108. Interview with Tony-DarkGrave
109. Interview with littlegonkyboy
110. Interview with YellowisCOOL
111. Interview with Highway
112. Interview with Satan
113. Interview with iMini
114. Interview with Emlfuryoflion
115. Interview with WiiFittoToreinaa
116. Interview with Havegum
117. Interview with Vinnyy
118. Interview with Lemonardo
119. Interview with BumFodder
120. Interview with darkjam
121. Interview with Tribal
122. Interview with Decimating 
123. Interview with RydiaLockheart
124. Interview with DarkMatter
125. Interview with Damien
126. Interview with Bit
127. Interview with Splats
128. Interview with DM692
129. Interview with Wegra
130. Interview with Twone
131. Interview with Nebula
132. Interwiew with JRob
133. Interview with Stretchysumo
134. Interview with JadeTheAssassin
135. Interview with Fluffington
136. Interview with Powerage
137. Interview with Scarface
138. Interview with Idiot-Finder
139. Interview with kazumazkan
140. Interview with Dr-Worm
141. Interview with creepyboy
142. Interview with Kogey
143. Interview with orangebomb
144. Interview with DrClay
145. Interview with Troisnyx
146. Interview with Captain-Slugworth
147. Interview with ChazDude
148. Interview with exudaz
149. Interview with Pkmn2
150. Interview with Clamstuffer
151. Interview with SansNumbers
152. Interview with Kel-Chan
153. Interview with HeavenDuff
154. Interview with WahyahRanger
155. Interview with NewgroundsMike
156. Interview with Radaketor
157. Interview with Lepy
158. Interview with Ama II
159. Interview with NGPulp
160. Interview with DeftonesFan665
161. Interview with Lich
162. Interview with D-Nightmare

Other Interviews:

The Interviewer - Main Page


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1 day ago

Shoot Asandir, take a shot with the staff members. I've been trying to get an interview with Rob, but he doesn't respond.

1 day ago Asandir responds:

Not sure if Rob is even around anymore. If he doesn't answer you, who interviewed Tom Fulp, Luis and many other outstanding artists, then chances for me getting an answer are zero D:



Noticed you haven't interviewed any of the NG staff, have you considered it?

7/22/14 (Updated 7/22/14) Asandir responds:

Interviews with staff members is usally something that TheInterviewer does, so I didn't consider that. I concentrate on forum users so that there is little overlapping with the work of TheInterviewer, though I started to interview artists who are fairly active in the forums too, like Damien and Kel-Chan.

Wow, you actually keep a list. This is really cool!

6/27/14 Asandir responds:

Yeah, makes it easier to find them all ^^



Its actually interesting going back through some of the older ones

5/13/14 Asandir responds:

Indeed, I do so too sometimes ^^



Will you ever re-interview people? It'd be interesting to see how people have changed. (Not me though)

2/22/14 Asandir responds:

At some point, yes.



Wonder what it takes to get interviewed. o.O 1,000 posts = on General or on all the forums in total?

2/7/14 Asandir responds:

1,000 posts in total. It's just a general rule of thumb, since for most users I look through their post history to base a few questions on that.



You think you'll end up with more than 200?

12/30/13 Asandir responds:

Hm. Don't think so ^^



Any idea how many interviews you're planning on doing?

12/30/13 Asandir responds:

Not sure, to be honest.



123 interviews? Egad!

12/12/13 Asandir responds:

Yes :D

Wow, many interviews.

12/10/13 Asandir responds:

Indeed ^^



Almost up to 125 :o

12/9/13 Asandir responds:

Indeed ^^



I commend you for ur diligent work

11/13/13 Asandir responds:

Thanks <3



my god that's a lot of people

11/12/13 Asandir responds:

Quite so, and I always update the usernames for the interviews, for example Entice to Shibe and then back to Entice :3



Congrats on passing 110 interviews!

11/11/13 Asandir responds:

Thank you :o



Just dropping by to say these are very enjoyable as always.

10/18/13 Asandir responds:

Thank you :)



Can I reinterview?
Ive changed and some of my answers were crap....
Is it too early?

10/1/13 Asandir responds:

Well we could simply update the interview with your new answers, if you wish :)



I can't believe you started this two years ago.

Doesn't seem that long ago.

10/1/13 Asandir responds:

Time surely flew by fast :o



If you're running out of people to interview, this is a Legitimately Cool Person.

8/27/13 Asandir responds:

And she is pretty *_*



Your 100th interview is coming up. Congrats on the success. Can't wait to see who it is.

6/26/13 Asandir responds:

Thank you, wouldn't have been possible without all the users who agreed to an interview :)

Don't even deny it. I'm first.

5/4/13 (Updated 5/4/13) Asandir responds:

It's true <3



I think almost everyone on the BBS forgot about me now. :P

4/24/13 Asandir responds:

The same goes for me. We should return as Tag Team Posters :D



Unless he went through a username change at some point, I notice the user BumFodder hasn't been interviewed yet.


Sorry, something in my metaphorical throat. Anyway, Bum should make for a good interview, I think.

4/8/13 Asandir responds:

I will think about it. Also want some medicine for that coughing? ^^



I don't know if I've become any more interesting since then.

3/22/13 Asandir responds:

I bet you did :x



I gave such boring answers on my interview.

3/22/13 Asandir responds:

Re-interviewing you would be a good idea :o



Am I too crusty too

3/10/13 Asandir responds:

Since the interview with Otto is finished and ready to be released soon, crustiness is definitely outruled ^^

I am just shy when it comes to asking mods for an interview :x



I just had no idea there were all this interviews of people, all these BBS younguns. Am I too crusty to interview? D;

3/9/13 Asandir responds:

You are not too crusty - to be honest I don't why I haven't asked you for an interview yet ^^



15k posts and I'm not interesting ;(

3/9/13 Asandir responds:

But you are interesting :o



Damn Newgrounds had me comment twice sorry.

2/1/13 Asandir responds:

No problem, I also replied twice :)



What does it take to get interviewed by you Asandir?

2/1/13 Asandir responds:

Having 1000 posts and ... well that's it, if I find someone interesting enough ^^



What does it take to get interviewed by you Asandir?

2/1/13 Asandir responds:

Having 1000 posts and ... well that's it, if I find someone interesting enough ^^



Aw man. I really wanted to be #69.

11/19/12 Asandir responds:

Sorry ^^



I wonder who you'll do for interview 69 :P

10/1/12 Asandir responds:

So do I .... isn't made yet ^^

can't believe it's been a year since i said i think i've wasted enough time here to make an interview


9/29/12 Asandir responds:

And now the interview has been made ^^

You're getting closer to your 100 Mark a lot faster than I was.

9/3/12 Asandir responds:

Well, weekly release :3



Your likely not to interview me anytime soon and I don't really give a shit, but when you reach that 100 mark, you damn better be running out of names.

9/3/12 Asandir responds:

I think I will be :)

Getting closer to your 50th. Got any idea who you might interview?

4/23/12 Asandir responds:

Sadly not :(



Maybe you should interview MaartenC. :P

1/20/12 Asandir responds:

Sounds good :3



I get a boner when I think about the prospect of you interviewing me.

11/14/11 Asandir responds:

I should interview you then :)




11/5/11 Asandir responds:




I deserve an interview probably. Not sure if everyone likes me, but most people know who I am. Or at least more people are starting to know who I am.

Also, I'm kind of a big deal. I have many leather bound books, and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

10/17/11 Asandir responds:

: D



Interview me, pl0x.

10/15/11 Asandir responds:




Also, first. Definitely first.

10/1/11 Asandir responds:

Yes. Definitely :)



There is a tank at the top of this webpage.

9/28/11 Asandir responds:

I didn't know that D:



Interview me. I'd talk about anything.

9/25/11 Asandir responds:

I interview forum users. You don't have posts. Atleast 500 of them would be nice.

I miss that Narcissy fella's interview. :(

9/21/11 Asandir responds:

Me too :'(



Am I after XenonMonkey?

9/14/11 Asandir responds:

Probably. The interviews for the next 3 weeks are finished....

I'm offended Makeshift, your stupid, because if you retained intelligence, you would realize nothing makes you better than anyone else but chemicals, stick that up your pipe and smoke it.

9/9/11 Asandir responds:

D :



I can't help but get minor anxiety that my time will be approaching soon enough. I mean it's exciting but at the same time it's one of those things you're not sure how you feel just yet, you know?

9/8/11 Asandir responds:

I think I know what you mean, yes.

Lol you got a Deity whistle way too fast. Congrats.

9/7/11 Asandir responds:

Thank you :D

oh whoopsie, didn't see that thread, thought it was just a normal post in someone else's thread

9/6/11 Asandir responds:

I see :D