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Not a flash, but still pretty good!

The first tought I had was "this is not a flash". But I will review it fairly as video.

~ Special Effects/Visual presentation ~
I like the overall dark and gritty style of this teaser - the mysterious look of the invisible man, the surrounding darkness that only highlights the most important things, the closer look at the gun and the expiry of the flame of the candle, caused by the wind. The whole visual presentation looks incredibly professial to me. Especially the black-and-white presentation, which makes the appearence of the blood even more shocking. You also managed to convert the video into a flash without much loss of quality.

~ /Story/Content ~
We don't learn much about the invisible killer- which is completely intentional. The viewer sees enough to get interested in the story of the killer. Who is he? And why is he invisible? Did he lose his face or identity? "Who am I - you're sure you wanna know?" explains it perfectly - I want to know more but on the other hand I get frightened by the dark and mystic appearence of the invisible killer - a faceless danger, whose abilities obviously surpass the ones of a normal being.

~ Audio/Voice Acting ~

The background sounds are truly scary - I had a unpleasent feeling throughout the whole movie - the feeling that something dangerous is about to appear. The voice acting is perfectly done - the deep voice doesn't seem to have a specific source which helps to make the invisible killer appear more strange and different from a normal person. The loud sound when he fires the gun is the perfect end for the increasing tension of the video.

~ Overall ~
Definitely one of the best videos that I have seen here - and also something that can compete with some of the best videos on Youtube. The story, the visuals and the sound setting all flow well together into something that I would describe as wonderful short movie. Some would take away points, since it isn't a flash but I won't do that - there are other videos here on Newgrounds and this one stands out to me. 10 points for an amazing work.

Simply awesome

What do we have here? The product, when two of Newgrounds most well known artists decide to work together, and it worked out better than I would have imagined.
First on the music from Weebl:
The music is nothing else but an extreme ear worm, I can't say much about the beats and stuff, but it surely sounds good and brings the typical humour from Weebl with it.
The animation from Sexual-Lobster:
Obviously underlines the music from Weebl very well, and was filled with nice little details, like the old man, who catched one of the babies.
All in all a very good teamwork, that deserves all the praise it gets.

Good, but very long

The first thing I want to say that I quite enjoyed watching this movie 3 three times, although I paid less attention to it in the second and third run, obviously.
The animation style looks pretty good in all scenes and they match pretty well, so that is a good thing.
The humour is good, but the length makes it difficult to keep the entertainment value up the whole time, although that could be intentional.
Making the ones who want the three medals watching the movie three times is a nice move, and it became a famous competition to get those medals.
So all in all, I think that this flash deserves the 10 starts, since a lot of work was put into it.

Very cute and adorable

I remember seeing this under judgement, and it was one of the few gems that day, while it might be a short loop, it still is well done:
The running piglet itself is well animated, and the use of bright and strong colours pleases the eyes of the viewer.
The music fits very well, and it makes the flash far more enjoyable, since it has this happy feeling with it.
All in all not a perfect, but surely a good flash, that made me happy.

An awesome series

I can remember watching the german dub of this in 2009, and I am glad that I can review it now on Newgrounds.
Let's start with the animation style, it looks pretty unique to me and reminds me a bit of Paper Mario, which is certainly a good thing, while it is kept simple, it has still quite some charm.
The voice acting is well delivered, in the english version, I like the singing part also more in this version.
The humour itself is pretty random and it works pretty well in this part, I laughed a lot of times, while watching it the first time.

A classic flash

I have seen this flash firstly on Youtube and was quite surprised that it originated from Newgrounds.
The used humour is very funny, especially the sarcastic replies of the owl, although some of the jokes are portrayed a little bit over the top, but it still flows well and keeps the entertainment value up.
Animation-wise, it looks fairly good, but I see place for improvement there.
The parody itself is done greatly, the Pokémon-like evolution from Bambee into a flying deer is a nice catch.
The voice acting is done perfectly, and underlined the portrayed characters pretty well.


I remember, how I watched that in my early days as member of Newgrounds, it was the first movie that I added to my favourites, and now I state why:
The animation style caught my attention pretty quickly, since it is pretty unique, I also like the chance from warm to cold colours when the flash becomes more sad, which is also portrayed by the change of music that fits the flash pretty well and helped to make it even more emotional.
But the most important part is the story, and what can I say, that was the truly hearttouching thing, since it shows that not the things matter, but that it is important to keep the bounds with your family.

I am Asandir and you might have seen some of my posts, if you came here because I made you mad or sad, then I want to apologise to you, with that being said, just enjoy your time on Newgrounds!

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