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So scary : o

Nice improvement

Well, since this is a re-design of an older picture, I will compare it by reviewing:

The shading is greatly improved and looks more natural to be, which helps the aimed 3D effect. The light effects are also looking good and give me the feeling that the spaceship is travelling at a high speed.

The perspective is also done way better than in your previous work, it actually looks like a room now, in comparison to the rather flat looking old picture.

Overally drawing style: Positive that you improved the look of the ship and the things like the green screen, altough the chair looked better and more 3D sytle in the old picture. in my opinion.

Additional notes: I would give the older picture 8 stars and this one improved it in a lot of aspects, so 10 stars are well deserved.

Rennis5 responds:

sweet i'm glad you like it
you might be right about the chair, i think the far side is rised a bit too high.
thanks heeps for you'r review dude

Very good

I like the use of light colours, it adds to the funny and light- hearted character of Strawberry clock, I would have chosen another colour for the background, so that he stands out more.
What makes this art also great are the small details, like the yellow pips, and the wrinkle under the eye, that adds to the whole character.
All in all it is a great piece of art and I am looking forward to see more of you.

It is good.

This art is pretty impressive, the model looks pretty realistic and the shadows work quite well.


You managed to create it in the style of the newgrounds emoticons, but you should release more of them, since you need atleast four good pieces of art, before it is even possible to get scouted.


Looks good for your first art!

xYourBestNightmarex responds:

Thank you :)


For a concept art, that is pretty detailed, the shading looks nice and you managed to give the portrayed person character. Good work!


This Gardevoir looks pretty good, although it looks like a chibi-version, because it is rather short in comparison to the "real" one.
The arms look a little bit stiff, but the shading is pretty good. All in all I like how you present the Pokémon, you should definately make more of it, could be a succesful series.

Pretty good

For your first submitted art, that is pretty well done, you managed it good to portray their emotions.

MangaPici responds:

Thank you very much =)


I guess this fancy walrus is a real gentleman, I like how it smiles and winks at me.

Squidbit responds:

It doesn't wink, but he is indeed a gentleman. Also I don't get the "Well?"

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