I am Asandir and you might have seen some of my posts, if you came here because I made you mad or sad, then I want to apologise to you, with that being said, just enjoy your time on Newgrounds!

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sounds like an intressting interview i really enjoyed reading that.
(i'm jealos :p ) anyway good job ^_^

Thank you ^^

Man, I'm amazed you're still around.

Glad to see that you are here too <3

I popped in after getting a large wave of nostalgia from looking at wayback archives of the old SS site.

So, that's a thing.

Awesome! I think Gimmick (who I think was a member of the SoupSquad) is still a regular user. Not sure about others.

From what I can see, most of us kinda just fell off after the Squad died.

Debating making a flash for old time's sake. Wouldn't be much of a point, though.

You could call it SoupRising Return though :3

More like "Soup Waking Up, Looking At the Clock and then Going Back to Sleep."

wow youre alive still.

Yes :o

Holy shit you're back!

Is that a can that you have as icon? Dosensuppen has one too. I notice a theme here!

I've been feeling nostalgic for these interviews. Keep em coming, please!

I'll try to make less time pass before the next one.


Thank you :)

How about re-setting your reading goal to, like, 195 books? (nice interview too, I didn't know you were still doing these)

Not a bad idea but I already slowed myself down so that I don't try going for 200. I am very happy with the books I have read this year and prefer this slower (somewhat) pace to let the year end.

As far as interviews, I'll try making more - another good reason to not read as much (books - I pretty much read all posts from users I interview).

Lol, what's wrong with trying though? If we go again next year I might have to make you aim for like a hundred minimum, unless this year was somehow way above what you'd normally read annually

This year I read indeed more than usal (around 50+ normally per year, wanted to see if I could reach around 100, set the offical goal to 25 to make sure I don't feel pressured to rush). Not a fan of forcing me to read 100 next year.

Not sure why you put pressure on me when I am one of the few users who puts effort into keeping your thread alive by posting summaries and encouraging others to read. Summaries that take effort as I have to translate everything from german to english, I even look up if names of characters are changed (like in the Pratchett books).

If you force me to do 100 next year, I won't take part in it. That is a laughable restriction.

I read books for enjoyment and I won't let you dictate how I much I have to read, especially since it goes against the rules that you set - I quote:

"1. Set your reading goal for the year (the amount of books YOU want to read)"

I set my goal, I reached it. I am happy with it. I don't want to go for 195 this year, nor 100 next year.

Uh okay that turned hostile real quick. I don't know how I offended you that much, but when I said I might make you set a higher goal, that wasn't a threat. I was being jovial. I won't force anything. I'm not trying to insult or attack you. I'm not trying to pressure you. I'm not dictating what you can do and didn't mean to offend, I was trying to be encouraging

I was making a suggestion and pointing out that the option to set a new goal is open. I was thinking of how to keep people interested in the thread *after* hitting their goal, thus setting a second one, and I thought you were the most obvious candidate for giving everyone else an example

I've read all of your posts thus far (save for cases where I wanted to avoid even mild spoilers) and I appreciate the effort you put into them, I'm not trying to put you off, the fact you're so prolific *is* why I hoped to encourage you to aim higher and be an example for others to follow. I feel you've interpreted my comment as coming from a place of total conceited mean-ness, or something, and that's not what was intended at all. I thought I was being friendly. You can do what you like. I won't bring it up again.

I was not offended - I was very confused though, as I felt like you insisted on increasing the goal to 195, glad that this is not the case. I am pretty straight-forward and like to make my point across with all arguments at once, didn't want to bash you either.

From my side there are no ill feelings at all.

I also would like to find a way to encourage the others (I am confident in my own level of motivation but I appreciate that you want to keep me going as well) to read more or post more about the books they read - maybe you could give the future months either a theme (read one book from one genre or a certain time era, etc.) or encouraging reading one specific book so that it can be discussed like in a sort of book club - might be things for next year.

Ah man I see you did another one of these! It's been a while since I've been here so I guess I missed this one, always a great read though.

Thank you :3

mabye interview DanieltheManiel, hes pretty cool new user

Joining the book thread this year?

Oh, yes. The only thing I have read so far this year is the Visual Novel Steins;Gate Zero ^^

Just a heads up, my total count seems to have diverged from yours in the book thread.


You seemed to jump from 51 to 55 in this post and then kept counting up from there. Could easily be my mistake though.

That is actually my mistake :o
Thank you, I updated it in my local textfile that I keep, so future posts will have correct numbers <3

Congrats on scoring UOTD!

Thanks ^^

Congrats on the UOTD dude!

Thank you!

ayy congrats on being today's special boi

Thanks :3

congrats on UOTD! :D

Thank you :)