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I am Asandir and you might have seen some of my posts, if you came here because I made you mad or sad, then I want to apologise to you, with that being said, just enjoy your time on Newgrounds!

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sounds like an intressting interview i really enjoyed reading that.
(i'm jealos :p ) anyway good job ^_^

Thank you ^^

Man, I'm amazed you're still around.

Glad to see that you are here too <3

I popped in after getting a large wave of nostalgia from looking at wayback archives of the old SS site.

So, that's a thing.

Awesome! I think Gimmick (who I think was a member of the SoupSquad) is still a regular user. Not sure about others.

From what I can see, most of us kinda just fell off after the Squad died.

Debating making a flash for old time's sake. Wouldn't be much of a point, though.

You could call it SoupRising Return though :3

More like "Soup Waking Up, Looking At the Clock and then Going Back to Sleep."

wow youre alive still.

Yes :o

Holy shit you're back!

Is that a can that you have as icon? Dosensuppen has one too. I notice a theme here!

I've been feeling nostalgic for these interviews. Keep em coming, please!

I'll try to make less time pass before the next one.


Thank you :)

How about re-setting your reading goal to, like, 195 books? (nice interview too, I didn't know you were still doing these)

Not a bad idea but I already slowed myself down so that I don't try going for 200. I am very happy with the books I have read this year and prefer this slower (somewhat) pace to let the year end.

As far as interviews, I'll try making more - another good reason to not read as much (books - I pretty much read all posts from users I interview).

Lol, what's wrong with trying though? If we go again next year I might have to make you aim for like a hundred minimum, unless this year was somehow way above what you'd normally read annually

This year I read indeed more than usal (around 50+ normally per year, wanted to see if I could reach around 100, set the offical goal to 25 to make sure I don't feel pressured to rush). Not a fan of forcing me to read 100 next year.

Not sure why you put pressure on me when I am one of the few users who puts effort into keeping your thread alive by posting summaries and encouraging others to read. Summaries that take effort as I have to translate everything from german to english, I even look up if names of characters are changed (like in the Pratchett books).

If you force me to do 100 next year, I won't take part in it. That is a laughable restriction.

I read books for enjoyment and I won't let you dictate how I much I have to read, especially since it goes against the rules that you set - I quote:

"1. Set your reading goal for the year (the amount of books YOU want to read)"

I set my goal, I reached it. I am happy with it. I don't want to go for 195 this year, nor 100 next year.

Uh okay that turned hostile real quick. I don't know how I offended you that much, but when I said I might make you set a higher goal, that wasn't a threat. I was being jovial. I won't force anything. I'm not trying to insult or attack you. I'm not trying to pressure you. I'm not dictating what you can do and didn't mean to offend, I was trying to be encouraging

I was making a suggestion and pointing out that the option to set a new goal is open. I was thinking of how to keep people interested in the thread *after* hitting their goal, thus setting a second one, and I thought you were the most obvious candidate for giving everyone else an example

I've read all of your posts thus far (save for cases where I wanted to avoid even mild spoilers) and I appreciate the effort you put into them, I'm not trying to put you off, the fact you're so prolific *is* why I hoped to encourage you to aim higher and be an example for others to follow. I feel you've interpreted my comment as coming from a place of total conceited mean-ness, or something, and that's not what was intended at all. I thought I was being friendly. You can do what you like. I won't bring it up again.

I was not offended - I was very confused though, as I felt like you insisted on increasing the goal to 195, glad that this is not the case. I am pretty straight-forward and like to make my point across with all arguments at once, didn't want to bash you either.

From my side there are no ill feelings at all.

I also would like to find a way to encourage the others (I am confident in my own level of motivation but I appreciate that you want to keep me going as well) to read more or post more about the books they read - maybe you could give the future months either a theme (read one book from one genre or a certain time era, etc.) or encouraging reading one specific book so that it can be discussed like in a sort of book club - might be things for next year.

Ah man I see you did another one of these! It's been a while since I've been here so I guess I missed this one, always a great read though.

Thank you :3

mabye interview DanieltheManiel, hes pretty cool new user

Joining the book thread this year?

Oh, yes. The only thing I have read so far this year is the Visual Novel Steins;Gate Zero ^^

10,5k posts , congrats :D

Thank you :)